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Kalli's Story

My story of healing starts seven years ago, when I was fifteen and a sophomore in high school. Everyday I would experience what doctors called mini-migraines. I had terrible pollen and mold allergies so we thought they were caused by mold in one of my classrooms. I had CT scans done to make sure everything was good in my head and to determine if it was allergy related, but the doctor could not find anything wrong. The mini-migraines went on for a couple of years until a doctor suggested it could be food allergy related. After a couple of months of being on a strict diet, I soon found out that my daily migraines were caused by peanuts. This made sense because I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday for lunch. I also found out that hazelnuts did the same thing. I stopped eating peanuts and hazelnuts and with that I stopped getting daily migraines.

I graduated from Yukon High School in 2010 and decided to pursue a degree at Biola University located in Southern California. Life was good until I started getting sick every single day of my sophomore year. It was awful. I had never experienced so much abdominal pain and many other symptoms (I won’t mention them because they are gross). I found the culprit of my sickness to be gluten. So my gluten free lifestyle began.

Gluten is in almost everything so this new allergy required a lifestyle change. I REALLY loved food and loved trying new restaurants so this was extremely difficult for me. Anytime I would eat out with family or friends I would get a plain salad with plain grilled chicken and no dressing because there was never a way to know if it contained gluten. It was miserable.

I finished my sophomore year at Biola and came home for summer. Then I started to become extremely sick. I would get sick after every thing I ate (an apple, piece of lettuce, anything). I was so confused why this was happening because I was not eating gluten, peanuts, or hazelnuts so I should not be getting sick.

The summer went on and I became increasingly sicker to the point where we did not know if I would be able to return to Biola for the fall semester of my junior year. It was during this time that my family had started coming to Bridgeway because my brother had an internship there. At the end of each sermon Pastor Storms would invite people who needed prayer for anything including physical healing to come up, but I never did because I thought other people had it worse than I did so I could just deal with it.

We decided I should see a doctor because not returning to school was not an option for me. I LOVED Biola, my friends, and my classes. I was referred to see a gastroinanologist and He did all sorts of crazy tests on me to figure out what was wrong. One of them included being injected with nuclear isotopes to determine if all of my organs were working properly. I was anxiously waiting to hear back from several tests over a weekend. Sunday came around and I woke up feeling extremely sick and did not want to go to church because I felt so bad and didn’t think I could sit through the whole thing, but I went. At the end of the sermon Pastor Storms announced, like usual, that people who needed prayer should come to the front. I immediately rushed to the front with tears and asked for prayer. A woman prayed for me. I can’t remember her name, but I know she had brown hair. She asked that God would completely heal my body from food allergies and whatever else was wrong with my body. I did not know what to expect. I did not know if God would choose to heal me because I had never known anyone who had been healed before. I had a very limited view of the Holy Spirit at this time in my life, but that would soon change.

Three days later I woke up and felt good. I ate breakfast and did not get sick. This was incredible! I could not believe it. Normally, I would force myself to eat and then become incredibly sick to where I would have to lie down for the rest of the day, but I felt good! I did not know if it was a fluke or if God had truly healed me so I decided to try something with gluten in it and I was fine. The next day I tried peanuts and was fine. The next day I tried hazelnuts and I was fine. God truly healed me!

I went to the doctor to hear the results from all of the tests, even though I knew I was healed. The doctor told me that all of my tests had come back normal. I told him it was because the Lord had healed me! He did not believe me and diagnosed me with IBS, but to this day I have not had one problem with gluten, peanuts, or hazelnuts. I know first hand that the Lord is our healer. As we sit in this already-not yet kingdom, the Lord has showed compassion on me and I believe He wants to do the same for many more.

Since then I have been wondering how God wants to use my testimony of healing. I did not know if He just wanted to use it to strengthen faith in others to show that He is alive and moving and able or if He was going to use me as a vessel to heal His children that He so deeply loves. This question was answered about a month ago. I have seen God heal three people and I think He wants to continue to use me in this way. I would like to thank Bridgeway for not limiting the power of the Holy Spirit so that God can work in and through His people.

-Kalli Kilmer

(submitted 4.5.14)