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Beyond What Our Eyes Can See

  • Daily until March 15, 2017|11:00am – 1:00pm

Exploring Systemic Racism & Our Part in Reshaping the City.

You’re invited to an interactive experience that will relationally address the topic of systemic racism. Come gain new perspective and learn how to engage with racial reconciliation in OKC. LUNCH IS PROVIDED. 

Monday | Education

Lee Roland, Educational Consultant 

This past OKC Principal will talk about the effects of racism on education. His passion for changing lives through education, motivation and love are evident in the incredible turnarounds of the struggling inner-city schools under his leadership.

Tuesday | Community

Clarence Hill, Community Organizer

Founder of Stronger Together and the Justice Conference will explore the systemic effects of racism in today’s society, with emphasis on OKC. He is committed to discovering untapped leadership potential, especially in marginalized communities and areas of difficulty.

Wednesday | Economics

LaShane Hill, Mental Health Therapist

One of the original staff members of L.A.’s dream center & Women’s Director of Shiloh Camp will share her unique perspective in this interactive workshop. You’ll participate in creating the economy of a city and gain insights on the ways that systemic racism effects ongoing economics.

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