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Though we currently have nearly 40 community groups meeting all throughout the greater Oklahoma City metro area, this map shows our currently open groups. Here you can find descriptions of each of our currently open groups as well as a map that shows you where each group is located. If you would like to visit one of these groups or would simply like more information about them, e-mail our Pastor of Community & Discipleship, J.J. Seid, and he will be happy to help put you in touch with the leaders, as well as answer any other questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what day of the week each group meets? In the “tags” section of each group description, you’ll see listed the day of the week that each group typically gathers as a whole group, although as groups grow in doing life together, they increasingly gather on other days and in other ways.

How do I find out where each group meets? The map below shows the general location of the primary host homes for each group’s whole group gatherings, but groups will often vary where they gather, whether it be a local coffee shop or another group member’s home.

What if I can't find a group that meets near me? Providing groups that meet near all our people is an ongoing challenge since Oklahoma City has more surface area than any other city in the country besides Jacksonville, FL, and that’s not even counting the broader metro area outside of Oklahoma City proper, where many of us live. The more groups our people plant and reproduce, the more people are able to enter into Christian community and move out on mission where they live, work, and play. If you're unable to find a group that meets relatively near you or on a day that your schedule permits, we also encourage you to consider signing up for the next Connect Course—a six-week small group experience led by the pastoral team that meets on Sunday mornings during the first service. You will find listed in your bulletin each week dates for upcoming Connect Course launches. As called and qualified leaders emerge, new community groups will often launch out of the Connect Course. Additionally, you may want to prayerfully consider starting one, as there are probably other members of Bridgeway near you in a similar predicament. If you are open to that idea, take the first step of filling out the Bridgeway Leadership Assessment, and once you fill it out, the pastoral team will receive it and get in touch with you to set up a meeting. 

What about kids? We view our children as a part of our groups rather than a problem to be solved. That being said, it often takes a lot of creativity to find sustainable rhythms with children, and each group is continuing to figure it out as they go.

What are "discipleship groups" and how do they relate to community groups? Many groups gather as a whole group for community—discussion, sharing, eating together, and prayer—and then will often gather in smaller groups of just men or women for more focused discipleship. When we break up and gather in these more intimate, gender-specific ways, we refer to these as our "discipleship groups". There we'll 1) share what we've been reading in Scripture, 2), confess sin and share what we're facing that's hard as well as we're we've seen God at work in our lives in encouraging ways, and then 3) pray for each other and the lost people God has brought into our lives. It typically takes quite a few months of connecting with the whole group before you're ready to move into that more intimate space of the discipleship group. Also, anyone can start a discipleship group outside of a community group. Read through the discipleship group cheat sheet we’ve created for you, and grab one or two friends and start meeting and praying together!

Find a Community Group

If you would like to visit one of these groups or would simply like more information about them, e-mail our Pastor of Community & Discipleship, J.J. Seid, and he will be happy to help put you in touch with the leaders, as well as answer any other questions you might have.

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PLEASE NOTE: We strive for diversity in all our groups. "Tags" are simply provided to give you a sense of the current make-up and rhythms of the group, and/or the specific ministry passions of the leaders of the group.

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Leaders: Brent & Clarissa Crocker
Bio: Brent and Clarissa met in Missouri, and have been married for four years. They have been changed and challenged by the community at Bridgeway for the past two years, and want to walk in the Lord's leading by opening their home to a community group. They love the outdoors, great food, road trips, and the St. Louis Cardinals!
Description: It is our vision to bridge the gap between ethnicities, cultures, and stereotypes by coming together to serve God and serve each other. Whatever age or stage of life you are in, we can all learn from and serve each other with our unique spiritual gifts and abilities. Our ultimate aim is to glorify God by unifying the body, and encouraging each member according to the gospel. Tags: Tuesday, Evening, College & Post-College, Kid-Friendly, Married, Married-Seasoned, Married-Young, Singles, Meal

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R&R (4)
Leaders: Chad & Natalie Bratton
Description: Families, married, and single all coming together preparing our hearts for revival, saving lost souls, and Christ's return! We meet every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm together as a community group, as well as smaller d-groups, and also in community meal nights. Tags: Wednesday, Evening, Young Adult, Kid-Friendly, Married, Married-Young, Singles, Meal

Leaders: Eric & Brenda Moody
Bio: Eric and Brenda have been married for over nineteen years and have three children. We have attended Bridgeway for over three years and believe small groups are a vital part of a healthy Christian life.
Description: Focused on cultivating our personal relationships with God, encouraging our marriages and child-rearing. Tags: Wednesday, Evening

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Leaders: Steve & Trudi Logan
Bio: Trudi and Steve have been married for over 33 years and have two daughters in their twenties. They have attended Bridgeway for about a year. They enjoy deepening relationships with others and drawing closer to the Lord.
Description: Our group focuses on living life together and deepening our relationships with the Lord. We encourage each other to more closely follow Jesus. We share meals, have prayer time and Bible study (currently harmony of the Gospels). Tags: Thursday, Meal, Married, Singles 

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Leaders: Dean & Leah Ross
Description: Families and singles devoted to going deeper with Jesus and connecting with refugees in Oklahoma City. Tags: Sunday, Kid-Friendly, Married, Singles

Leaders: Tyler & Julie Evans
Bio: Julie and Tyler met in high-school through mutual friends and a love for punk rock music. After 12 years of marriage, two kids, several tattoos and a decade at Bridgeway, they are excited to both shepherd and learn from others in this new community.
Description: In a quote borrowed from Kelley Rehrig, "We want to live in a place where 'I struggle with this' can be met by a chorus of 'Me too’s." We see and understand the importance of having a tight knit group of people that meet together regularly to share about life. We're open to believers and those searching alike. Through discussion, laughter, prayer, the occasional tear and competitive Mario Kart, we'll learn how to do life better through the lens of a trustworthy God. Oh, and food. Bring food. Kids are welcome although we will schedule some evenings without the kiddos for the real talks. Tags: Sunday, Evening, College & Post-College, Kid-Friendly, Married, Married-Young, Singles, Meal

Leaders: John & Anna Fullington
Bio: We are God’s kids. What else is there to say? A few details about us include: We have been married for almost 9 years and we have a 20 month old named Solomon. God has put in me a hunger for His Word, so I read a lot and listen to a lot of sermons. I like dentistry, fishing, hunting, sports and anything outdoors. Anna loves reading her Bible, Bridgeway, being a mommy to Solomon, volleyball, basketball, and she is passionate about building relationships. We are blessed to be on mission with our dear friends, Stephen and Katie Sharp. They are amazing and you will love them. We are all excited to see and experience what God is doing by His grace with this new group on the south side.
Description: We are a gathering of regenerated people on the south side of Oklahoma City who have been granted various spiritual gifts for the edification of the body. Our goal in gathering together is to practice worshiping the One who regenerated us prior to the day when we will have the ability to worship perfectly. We worship Him by serving the saints(Matt 25:40). We serve the saints by practicing love, selflessness, and forgiveness corporately. We are deeply committed to accurately handling the word of truth, which is able to make us wise unto salvation. All of this contributes to the purification of our hearts in sanctification, for His glory and our joy. God’s grace is here; come join us! Tags: Sunday, Afternoon, Kid-Friendly, Married, Married-Seasoned, Married-Young, Meal