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Men's Leadership Development Cohort

August 3, 2017 | 0 Comments

It has been well said that “[t]he Church of God must train all kinds of leaders. Not many men and women will lead in the Church, but scores will lead in other spheres. If we do not equip God’s people to lead according to God’s design inside and outside the Church, they will be left to lead according to the world’s design…” This is why the pastors and elders of Bridgeway have built and launched the men’s Leadership Development Cohort

At its most basic, leadership looks like delighting in and modeling Jesus, multiplying disciples, and making others flourish in all of life. Therefore, the goal of the Leadership Development Cohort will be to equip men to increasingly lead self and lead others in the home, the workplace, and the world, as well as providing a glimpse into what it looks like to lead leaders. More info here

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