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Bridgeway Kids NEW Check-in System

February 22, 2017 | 0 Comments

On Sunday February 26, we’re upgrading our children’s check-in system for Bridgeway Kids. In the coming weeks you’ll see new check-in stations located in the cafe. This new system will bring many great benefits to Bridgeway Kids, families and volunteers! Some of these benefits are…

  • More effective communications: We will be able to communicate with each family in direct ways based on the ages of the children in each family. We hope to keep families informed of all the latest events and happenings in each area of Bridgeway Kids.
  • More secure check-in capabilities: New features help to ensure top levels of ongoing safety and security for all of the children in our care.
  • More reliable and efficient systems: The new check-in system should provide a better level of reliability and efficiency during busy check-in times, like Sunday mornings.

As we work towards implementing these upgrades and serving our families, we want to ask you 2 things:

  1. Please arrive a little bit early. We foresee that the first few weeks of checking in using a new system may cause a little bit of a slowdown in getting your children to class.
  2. Please be patient. We will have volunteers and coordinators doing their very best to collect updated information on each family and get everyone checked in quickly and without incident.

Some FAQs about Security in the Bridgeway Kids Classrooms and Hallways:

Why do I have to show my security tag to pick up my child?
Our check-in system offers a parent claim security tag feature that allows us to match every child with the proper parent or guardian. This is for the safety of all of our kids and to prevent any confusion.

Can I pick up my child without a tag? What if I know their teacher?

Please be aware that all Bridgeway Kids volunteers are trained to check the security tag for EACH AND EVERY CHILD regardless of familiarity with the child’s parent, siblings or guardians. Please honor each volunteer’s training and effort to keep all children safe by being ready every Sunday with your security tag to check your children out of class.

What if I lose my security tag?
It will be very important to retain your security tag each Sunday. We will not be able to easily reprint a security tag as we’ve been able to do in the past. Keeping this tag in a place that you can easily locate will be of utmost importance each Sunday. In the event that you misplace it, find a Bridgeway Kids Coordinator at the check-in station for assistance.

Can I use a tag from a previous week?
Each Sunday you will receive a new family security tag and number. The promises the most secure check-in and check-out possible. You will not be able to use a previous week’s security tag to check your child out of class.

Why are some areas designated for Bridgeway Kids only?
The children’s hallways are secure and restricted to staff and parents or guardians with a security tag. Reducing traffic in these halls is not only a safety measure to secure children in their classrooms, but also an effort to minimize disruptions and distractions in the classrooms, and help with the flow of traffic during pick-up and drop-off times. The restrooms located in the southwest corner of the building are restricted to children’s use only. We require all adults to use the restrooms located in the front cafe.

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